About Us

Ganalili Centre

Ganalili is the Yindjibarndi word for the light in the morning before the rising of the sun.

The Ganalili Centre is the material and spiritual expression of Juluwarlu activities. Juluwarlu is the cultural arm of the Yindjibarndi people. The Ganalili Centre is owned by the Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation.


Our Vision

Our community is strong, healthy, happy and proud and shares its culture with the world.


Our purpose is to use arts to build future leaders and offer cultural, social and financial opportunities to Yindjibarndi people for the benefit of the whole community.

Cultural space highlighting light well tables


Feeling Proud - We feel pride in our culture and our identity.

Inspiring Others - We are a shining light and role models in our community.

Being Connected - We keep strong connections with our Country and with each other.

Staying Positive - We keep looking at the positive side.

Maintain Integrity - We are authentic, have strong principles, and always seek to do what is right.

Strategic Goals

We help Roebourne become a cultural hub for the Pilbara.

We use art for people to learn, maintain and share cultural knowledge and stories across generations.

We generate income for the independence of community members and for the sustainability of Juluwarlu.

Our facilities and programs have a long future because the community have ownership and leadership in what we do.

Ganalili Center at night

Juluwarlu’s values are reflected in the art, activities, and products available for sale through the Ganalili Centre.