Joylene Warri

Artist’s Tribe: Yindjibarndi

Joylene is a passionate Yindjibarndi cultural knowledge holder and passionate, uniquely skilled Yindjibarndi artist who has been exhibiting her paintings and achieving strong sales for more than ten years. She lives in the small Aboriginal community of Cheeditha, and before joining the Juluwarlu Artists’ Group in 2018, Joylene painted and exhibited with the Cheeditha Art Group. Joylene’s intricate acrylic paintings on canvas draw upon her spiritual connection with the skies and landscapes of her family’s Millstream country and themes of her deeply felt Yindjibarndi relationships with rain, yinda (deep permanent pools), and ijarri (spings) that bring life to the plants, animals, fish and insects that have nourished her Yindjibarndi people for more than 2,000 generations. Besides showing at the annual Cossack Art Awards, Joylene’s paintings are regularly selected by Perth-based curators for major exhibitions. Besides creating her own innovative individual artworks, Joylene has also contributed to the ongoing development and making of Juluwarlu Art Group Projects, and provides support to Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation Projects and the new Ganalili Cultural Centre.