Judith Coppin

Artist’s Tribe: Yindjibarndi

Judith is an Yindjibarndi Elder and Cultural Custodian, highly respected artist and community worker. Since 2010, Banyji has been creating beautiful acrylic paintings on canvas. In the past three years she has extended her art practices to her very beautiful yarranga marni (carved boards), her artworks are highly valued and selected for major Perth-based exhibitions. Lyn’s artworks are intricately constructed, deeply cultural, evolving from her passionate love of her country and creation stories, and always selected by curators for exhibitions. Yarranga Marni artworks by Judith have sold to the WA Department of Arts and Culture Collection, and her work featured on the cover of the 2019 Rio Tinto Colours of our Country Catalogue.

Judith says, “Painting for me is like a language for telling stories and remembering. Painting I might be remembering the mungkatja (anthills put in the river by the Bunggaliyarra, two sisters-in-law, when the Mingala Creator was singing the creation of the lands. Might be remembering the Mayalarri (the Seven Sisters Stars) they were related to, then thinking about the yurala (rainmaker) dancing on those anthills when he made ceremony for rain. And maybe, I think about the songs for that place, and when the kangaroos come down for water. Making a painting is healing for our spirits, like living in your country”.